About Acrity


Acrity [noun]: sharpness; keenness.

Acrity Technology is a management consulting agency specializing in management, marketing, and metrics. Acrity Tech delivers results-focused solutions that align your business strategy, customer experience, operations, and management goals. We deliver business and technology solutions to match your needs and help you get the results you want.

Acrity Technology believes in strengthening people, results, and business goals. We are proud to offer real-world expertise as technologists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders. We are deeply passionate about all things web and digital related and for creating innovative experiences for the connected world.

Our Solutions


We work with our clients to grow revenue, increase market share over competitors, and creating brand awareness. Using an integrated approach we work with you to improve business results and customer engagement with measurable outcomes.


Acrity Tech offers a variety of consulting services to help you achieve maximum growth. We can help you succeed through improved best practices and internal management.


Data plays an increasingly important role in managing risk, meeting customers’ needs, and managing your organizations growth strategy. Our big data solutions focus on data flexibility, availability, scalability, and integrity.

The Acrity Approach


We research, brainstorm and perform market research to identify, capture, and engage your existing and future customers.


We devise a custom strategic plan of action. It’s a detailed plan on how to achieve your business goals.


We launch your new beautiful website search engine optimization plan, social media marketing or other digital marketing solutions.


We assess your results and make necessary adjustments to continually improve your online presence.